Smart Charger


                                                             Product Overview

Lii-500 is based on Lii-300 R & D products, its biggest feature is displayed on-screen information, it will all work information and a full battery information is displayed on the screen, no need to press the View button to view more . In addition, based on Lii-300, Lii-500 combined with the high temperature protection, so Lii-500 safer.


USB port output load voltage: 4.90-5.30V;
Output Current: 1000 m A;
-load current: <1m A;
When the load current 800m A, its port output voltage: 4.80-5.25V;

stop the output protection voltage: 3.0 ± 0.1V;

Input: DC12V / 2A
Constant current output: 4.2V ...... 300mA/500mA/700mA/1000mA * 4
Charging cut-off voltage: lithium-ion battery 4.2 ± 0.05V,
NiMH battery 1.42V

Constant voltage charging cut-off current: <100m A
External Power Standby current: <15.0m A;