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Charging current

Let charging more flexible!

       LII-300 features two charging current circuit structure,so that the charge is more flexible, depending on the type and capacity of the battery to determine the size select the charge current, the battery safer, saves time.

       When you put the battery into the charging, the system will default to 500mA flash in the LCD screen, within eight seconds selectable 500mA or 1000mA current charge, if you do not make a choice within eight seconds the system will default to 500mA charging time if To switch the current selection, the side you want to disconnect the power supply or battery, re-select.



Let charging more secure

      Products built-in MCU control circuit, real-time monitoring of the battery charge, and has over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, anti-reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection, so that the battery always maintained in a safe state!


Fully independent dual-slot design
        LII-300 charger design uses two completely separate output slot, working independently of each other between the two with each other, the way a button corresponding to the control output, when to charge the battery, the device will automatically determine the battery is a nickel - metal hydride battery or a lithium-ion battery, you can charge at the same time for the lithium-ion battery & NiMH batteries.


Battery capacity test

      When you suspect that you bought at the store is false cell battery, you can put the battery in (Lii-300) were the real capacity to test the charger, a few hours after the charger will be the real data is displayed on the LCD screen, At this time your heart doubts will be answered.

       Operation: Press mode button for 3 seconds to switch to DisCharger battery capacity test mode, the charger will fully charge the battery, the battery power and then discharged, and discharge power for data recording, when the battery is fully discharged the battery charger will be recorded to the data displayed on the LCD, and the battery capacity test end; Notice that the charger will automatically go to the charger model to charge the battery until the battery is fully charged.

Work order DisCharger modes: Charge - discharge records - Charging


Battery internal resistance detection
      Lii-300 microcontroller integrated in the resistance detection function, when placed in the battery, the microcontroller will be the first time to calculate the internal resistance of the battery, will be displayed on the LCD screen, 2 seconds, after the side need to press the button.
Note: The battery internal resistance detection for reference only, the measured data is sometimes inaccurate.

Let the bad battery live again

When not charge your battery charger in the other, you can try the charge on Lii-200 charger.

Engineers on the battery is very understanding, Lii-200 circuit design to take into account a problem, let the bad battery live again.

Today there are a lot of low-quality equipment, there is no protection for the battery, the battery is likely to cause excessive discharge, or even discharge to 0V, this time the battery is regarded as a bad battery, losing is really a pity!

When Lii-200 to determine the battery is bad battery (NULL LCD display on), battery charger for micro-current release of about 20mA (we called Wake Current), slowly charge up the battery voltage from 0V, it will take some time, when the voltage rises when the battery voltage platform, the charger will exchange for normal charging, bad battery live again.

According to a bad battery case may be, not all bad battery can activate!


Charge the phone

Lii-300 has a USB 5V output, the output current of 1000mA, can charge most mobile digital products.

The battery into the battery bay, and then connect the phone to charge the battery.
Note: USB output valid only 3.7V lithium-ion battery.
USB output can identify most of the electronic products charge, does not rule out some products can not be identified.



USB port output load voltage: 4.90-5.30V;
Output Current: 1000 m A;
-load current: <1m A;
When the load current 800m A, its port output voltage: 4.80-5.25V;

stop the output protection voltage: 3.0 ± 0.1V;

Input: DC12V / 1.5A
Constant current output: 4.2V ...... 500mA / 1000mA * 2
Charging cut-off voltage: lithium-ion battery 4.2 ± 0.05V,
NiMH battery 1.42V

Constant voltage charging cut-off current: <100m A
External Power Standby current: <15.0m A;