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​LiitoKala Lii-M4S battery charger

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LiitoKala Lii-M4S battery charger

Specific parameters
Input voltage: Type-C 5V / 2A
Output voltage: DC 4.2V / DC 1.48V
Output current
4.2V 1000mA * 2 / 700mA*2 / 500mA*4 / 300mA*4
1.48V 500mA*4
USB power bank output: 5V/1000mA*1

Battery specifications: 26650,21700,18650,18350, 20650,14500, AA, AAA, etc.

Termination method: intelligent voltage monitoring
Dimensions: 146mm (length) * 100mm (width) * 33mm (height).

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